Kay Bojesen

Kay Bojesen launched three new versions of their iconic Monkey, a mini, a medium and a large one. The monkeys are made of different types of wood and were launched in connection with the Monkey’s 70th birthday.

We produced a visual campaign consisting of a series of films and still images for their digital channels.

With the campaign we wanted to “bring wood to life” – just like founder and designer Kay Bojesen was famous for doing. We focused on conveying both the Kay Bojesen brand’s iconic design, but also wanted to tell the story about a popular classic that many Danes have a very special relationship with. In our research we immersed ourselves in Kay Bojesen archives, and talked with dedicated Kay Bojesen fans, both in Denmark and in the rest of the world.

The films were shot in Brd. Krüger’s beautiful carpentry workshop and in our own studio.

Thoughts about sound design

The keywords were nostalgia and life memories. The sound design should be delicious, clicking, brushing, dusty, deep, sound of masses of wood and organic material.

The deep bass tones, together with the high piano tones, create a rich soundscape of classical instruments and semi-electronic drums as a foundation.

We wanted to bring a sense of something we all know, joy and highlights, security, a danish home. Stylish as a cognac commercial, nostalgic as an old-fashioned cinema commercial.

Rosendahl Design Group A/S

Visual direction
Brand video
4 theme videos
Music and sounddesign
SoMe elements