Rosendahl Design Group asked us to help introduce two redesigned glass bowls under the Holmegaard Archives concept. One of the two was the beautiful and classic provence bowl and Heartbeats Studio was selected to help convey the story and show Holmegaard’s unique craft tradition.
The campaign which was created under Holmegaard’s slogan “reflections in glass” had to embrace the exclusivity of the design, the pride of craftsmanship and the history behind the product. We dived into Holmegaard archives, drawings, inspiration and images from the beautiful Provence and gathered them into sensuous little stories in the middle of the raw factory environment.
We composed music that could be used more widely as a Holmegaard signature sound on subsequent productions. In the music we worked with small references to the sound of glass and reflections of the past with the help from echos in the piano etc. We recreated the sounds from glass production allowing the audience to feel the strong forces that are at play in production of material that is over 1000 degrees hot.

Rosendahl Design Group

Visual direction
2 brand videos
3 theme videos
Music and sounddesign
SoMe elements