The podcast ‘Rejsen’ (The Journey) is made in collaboration with Heartbeats and DSB. the aim of the campaign was to make the DSB-brand relevant to a younger audience and inspire them to further consider traveling by train. The host of the podcast campaign is Danijel ‘Drux’ Deletic.
With our target audience in mind, the distribution of the podcast and campaign follows the consumption habits of the young audience. Every episode was uploaded in full length on Youtube, where you also find advertising campaigns. Video-teasers from the podcast are distributed on relevant social platforms, Instagram and Facebook.
The vision of this collaboration was for the DSB-brand to communicate at eye level, be relevant, inspiring and tap in to the identity of the young audience. The media strategy was developed as an on-demand format; podcast, a hero film, video for every episode and an offline event. A new and identifiable universe was created.

With the Rejsen campaign we have helped bridge the gap between DSB and a younger audience, by making the DSB brand relevant to the target audience and thus increasing awareness of the brand.

Heartbeats / DSB / omd

Visual direction
Campaign video
Music and sounddesign
Video podcast teasers